As some of you already know, I am not only the CEO of Porteen Gear, I am also a travel blogger. My passion is travel and photography and I will occasionally go on a Press Trip and do area reviews. This helps me keep my passion of travel alive.

Sonora Desert

I will be sharing my stories on the Porteen Gear Blog under the category of Skies and Coffee. With a love of photographing the night sky and a goal of visiting all of the designated Dark Sky parks around the world, I thought the name was fitting. (insert the Love of Coffee in that description as well:)

If you have a custom bag being made and see that I am on a trip, don’t worry! My team at Porteen Gear is hand-making your bag in the Grand Rapids studio while I am gone.

Dunham Food
I’ll be sharing the best food and places to go all over the world! Making new connections and sharing these destinations with you. After all, many of you are photographers with an adventurous soul, that’s why you follow and carry Porteen Gear!

Wine Tasting


Chemex Coffee

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